Cross docking / Shipment Consolidation

All you need to do is consolidate your orders and arrange for Precise Services to pick up your skids.

Cross Docking / Shipment Consolidation

Precise Warehousing offers an efficient, cost effective solution to help you reach your customers in Montreal and throughout North America whether you choose to ship your orders daily or accumulate and ship on a less frequent basis. All you need to do is call us with the details of what is in the consolidation and Precise Warehousing will arrange the pick up your skids. Our cross docking services are an effective way to reduce storage costs while expediting product to the market. Another cross docking operation benefits is significantly increasing service levels to customers and shorten your overall supply chain. Clients are able to route their products to our facility, which is strategically located next to the major freeways, railways and the Port of Montreal.

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